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Footage emerges: cop SHOOTING man holding wallet

Published on Mar 11, 2017
VIDEO: Officer is CLEARED of any wrongdoing after shooting a veteran when he 'mistook his wallet for a weapon' Airman Michael Davidson was shot almost exactly three years ago in Alabama A police officer shot him when he mistook the wallet he was holding for a gun Davidson survived and the officer has since been cleared of any wrongdoing

Dashcam footage from a shocking officer-involved shooting in Alabama has emerged almost exactly three years after the incident.

Airman Michael Davidson was shot by Opelika police officer Phillip Hancock after he responded to a report of erratic driving on Highway 85 the evening of March 6, 2014.

The video shows that as Davidson struggled to get out of his vehicle the officer yelled for him to show his hands - and when he did, the officer mistook his wallet for a weapon.

Footage shows the harrowing moment Officer Hancock shot Davidson as he emerged from the car with his wallet

Officer Hancock was cleared of all wrongdoing in the incident, as a court found that he had not infringed on Davidson's constitutional rights and that the officer used 'reasonable' force.

They did, however, reportedly call the shooting a 'disastrous mistake,' according to WRBL.

The officers repeatedly asked Davidson if he was armed, to which he responded 'no,' and told them he was only holding his wallet.

As the video goes on, Hancock shoots and Davidson falls to the ground, where a pool of blood develops around him.

He lays screaming on the ground for several minutes before paramedics arrive. He survived the incident.

Officer Hancock is shaken when reinforcing officers arrive - cursing as he retells the sequence of events.

Another officer lays his hands on the hood of a police car, taking several deep breaths and shaking his head at the bloody scene.

Davidson's attorney Brian Mosholder argued that the reason he was struggling to get out of the car was because his vehicle was parked on a downward slope, making it difficult to emerge from the driver's side.

'It's very obvious from that part of the video that Officer Hancock is creating a situation that he wished had happened that would have justified this shooting,' he said.
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