Monday, March 20, 2017

Using Kodi with slow Internet
High speed Internet that is required to support the Kodi Box is not easy accessible to all. This results in buffering taking place more than often that in turn leads to running the entire experience. This blog is for all those out there who reside in rural regions and those who do not have an easy reach to the Internet.
Amongst the many problems resulting from slow Internet, buffering stands as a high priority. If your download speed is near 30 mbps, constant buffering is something you would definitely encounter. Supposing that you already have a Kodi box, you should have full knowledge that there are already quite a few add-ons installed initially and to watch the specific things you want you already have a ton more installed.
It has been observed that majority of the add-ons are always operating in the background and are taking a considerable stake of your Internet speed. Omitting or completely closing add-ons that are not required will not just reduce the speed of the Internet but also mitigate buffering.
The Right Quality
The quality of the stream highly depends on how much speed is required to stream. A high quality stream will need a faster Internet connection as compared to others. It is seen that majority of the add-ons have the option to customize video quality ranging from 360p – 1080p. It is always ideal to opt for the 480p video settings to make sure that the streaming is done perfectly without any compromise on the quality. 6 mbps- 10 mbps video connection offers watching the majority of the videos at this setting. It is really easy to search for the video settings option by reaching out to the setting of the add-on. More so, since majority of the add-ons use 480p sources via manual setting the video quality to around 480p, you don’t have to bear with frequent buffering or low quality.
A major error that people make is using Wi-Fi amid a slow Internet connection. For a range of devices, Wi-Fi is a quite convenient connection method as there is no wire connection required then. Having said this, Wi-Fi has its own share of drawbacks too. Speed that the Kodi box receives depends directly on the Wi-Fi signal. The signals of Wi-Fi alter too often and the farther you go from the device, the slower the connection gets. This especially happens when Kodi box and the router are not near and are either separated by a wall. In these cases, the speed of the box might be down by 20% of the actual speed. In case of having a slow Internet, Ethernet Internet cable attachment to the Kodi box is what you need for optimal
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